Friday, July 06, 2007

The Three Golden Laws of Home Business

Starting, running, and turning a profit out of a home business does not have to be the tall task that most people make it out to be. While it certainly isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be overly difficult either. With a little bit of forethought and planning, even the hardest, most complex of things can become relatively simple.

There are three golden laws in running a home business. If followed, these laws will help you create a dynamic home business, one that allows you make a decent living. If ignored, these laws will ensure that your home business does not rise above average operating results.

First, plan all the way to the end. You must have a concrete vision for the business. Where will it be five, ten, twenty years from now? What sort of scale will it have? What will it be doing differently, and what things will remain the same? Try to envision all the obstacles that may come up and prepare plans to meet them. To be sure, you will be unable to foresee all the crises that will occur. But mentally, you must be prepared for them as they come. Circumstances should not catch you completely off-guard; you should have a measure of preparation against ever-changing situations.

Second, work hard – and make your people work hard as well. With your home business, everything will start with you. You must work to become the greatest, most capable individual that you can become. Spare no expense in your education, within reason, as long as such education is helping you prepare for the future. Then, be sure that you work as hard as you can, learning all the ins and outs of the trade of which you are in. A good work ethic is important to success, and you should not neglect it. A corollary to this is that you should hire people who are just as hard-working as you are. Be sure to set targets for both yourself and others, and measure what gets done. Give reward liberally to those who achieve.

Third, utilize the power of personal networks. There is an old adage that says “It is not what you know, but whom you know.” While we may rebel against what this truism may imply, the fact remains that worldly success depends on a high degree to the number and quality of people who are kindly disposed towards you. Your personal network, as well as the networks of the people who work for you, should be utilized to their full potential, in terms of advertising and sales efforts. Treat those in your personal network well, provide the necessary services, and they in turn may promote your business to those in their networks.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

How To Start Your Own Home Based Meals To Go Business

If you are one of those people who love to cook, you might want to explore the possibilities of selling meals to go in your community. A lot of people are not really eating right these days. In most cases, familiar thrive on processed and instant foods because everyone is too busy to prepare a healthy meal. By offering home cooked meals to go, you will be able to help others eat more healthy foods and at the same time earn some money to contribute to the family coffers. If your neighbors and friends love your cooking, you will most likely have a lot of people knocking on your door and asking for a decent meal.

Getting organized

If you happen to live in an apartment building where everyone leaves the place in a hurry everyday, you might want to offer some breakfast, lunch or dinner to go. However, before you do so, you better check with the building administrator if these things are allowed or lese you will get into trouble. There are many apartment buildings that do not really allow these things because this could be a source of fire hazards. On the other hand, if you have your own house, offering meals to go will not be much of a problem. In most cases, after complying with government regulations, you can start your home business immediately.

Organizing things for your food to go business is not really that difficult especially if you have a computer with internet connection in your home. You can start by asking the people in the building for their email or instant messaging address. You can send your menu for the day to these addresses and ask them to send you a message as to what they will have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For your neighbors who do not have internet connection, you can just put a cork board outside your door where you can post your menu for the day. You may also provide for some paper and a box where your clients can write their order and then drop them in the box. Furthermore, having a business phone is a must. Some of your clients may want to call you to place or cancel their orders. Never rely on your home phone for this purpose. Always bear in mind that the home phone should only be used for personal transactions and the business phone should dedicated solely for entertaining clients.

Set a specific time and place where your clients can pick up their food. Make sure that you are already and waiting a few minutes before your clients starts arriving so that you will not have difficulties getting things in order.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How To Start A Home Business With Limited Amount of Capital

If you are thinking about borrowing a huge amount of money from friends and relatives to start your own home business, you might want to put that thought aside and find other ways of starting your business without burying yourself in a pile of debts. Just because you do not have a lot of money for capital doesn’t mean you cannot engage in a home business. There are many ways of starting your own home business even with just a few dollars.

Offering Services

One of the best ways to do away with the huge start up capital is to start a business that will only require your talents and your time as capital. For instance, if have some special skills and trainings on dealing with children with learning disabilities, you can set up a tutorial service. There are many people all over the country that are offering home tutorial services for kids with learning problems and they are earning good money. On the hand, if you have some bookkeeping skills and you have some experience in this area, you might want to offer your service to the small business around your neighborhood. You will be surprised at how many people really need your services.

Use your present resources

Using your present resources as capital for your business can help you save a lot of money. For instance, if you have a big house with a lawn, you can turn your house into a child minding center or a day care center. There are a lot of parents out there who need a safe place where they can leave their kids while they go to work or do some shopping. A day care center is not really hard to promote in the neighborhood. Once the people in your community learn that you are offering this type of service, they will start coming to your doorstep.

Working Online

There are many online businesses that do not require you to put any capital at all. For instance, if you are a good writer, you can offer your services online. The good thing about working as an online freelance writer is that you can work anywhere you are. As long as you have a computer with internet connection, it doesn’t matter if you are working inside the mall, the coffee shop or by the beach for that matter. On the hand, if you have no writing skills, you can always join one of those online affiliate marketing programs and earn commissions from the sales generated from your site. Most online affiliate marketing programs do not require you to put capital to get started. The good thing about these online affiliate programs is that they give out big commissions. If your site generates a lot of traffic, you will most likely earn a handsome income out of these affiliate marketing programs.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

How To Start Your Own Scrapbook Making Business

Making scrapbooks is one of the biggest industries in the country today. According to studies, the scrapbook industry earns about $3Billion each year and this figure keeps on growing. Since scrapbook making can be done in the comforts of your home, this can be a very lucrative home business for creative people. The good thing about the scrapbook making business is that it does not really require a huge amount of capital. If you are creative and you know how to make use of whatever materials that are available, you can already create good scrapbooks.

Learning the art of scrapbook making

Starting out a home-based scrapbook making business is easy especially if you are naturally creative and artistic. However, to make sure that you are on top of everything, before you start your own scrapbook making business, you must first learn all that you know about this hobby. First, you must know the different techniques of scrapbook making. Read books and magazines about this business. You may also enroll in one of those scrapbook making classes. Practice what you have learned and then improvise. Always remember that scrapbook making is an art. Be creative. Always remember that the more unique your scrapbooks are, the more clients you will have.

Getting supplies

If you want to engage in the scrapbook making business, you must know where to get good materials. Locate a good supplier of paper and trinkets in your locality and make sure that you have enough supply of good materials all the time. If you are planning to do a lot of scrapbooks, better buy your materials in bulk and get some discount. On the other hand, if you have no time to run around town and shop for papers and trinkets, you can just go online and take a look at those sites that are selling scrapbook materials. The good thing about buying your supplies online is that you get to save a lot of time and effort. Just make sure that you order your scrapbook making supplies form reputable online stores or else you will soon find yourself with some materials which are substandard or worst, your credit card could get high jacked and you lose a lot of money.

Marketing your product

The best way to market your product is to create samples and present them to your friends and relatives. You can start by asking close family members friends if they want to have keepsakes are custom made. You may also display your designs during family gatherings and special occasions so that people will have some ideas of what you can do. If your designs are really good, a lot of people will be calling you about their scrapbooks sooner than you can imagine.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

How To Start Your Own Home Based Accounting And Bookkeeping Business

Are you own of those people who are tired of being confined inside your windowless office cubicle? If you have been feeling claustrophobic in your small cramped cubicle with nothing but the computer filled with accounting files, now is the time for you to get out of there and look for something that will not really drive you crazy. There is really no point of torturing yourself and getting all your nerves worked out even if the job does pay the bills. Always bear in mind that you are not here in this world simply because you need to pay the bills! You have to live your life a little and have some fun.

Now, just because you are miserable with your present job, that doesn’t mean you have to dash out of the door right thins very minute and never look back. Much as we hate to think about it, we do need to pay the bills, eat and have a roof over our heads. If you really want to quit your job, you better look for alternative means of income first. Much as you would like to get away from your workplace fast, you will need your day job to keep you afloat while you set up your home business. To inspire you to work hard on your home business, set a target date when you will quit your job. Keep your target in mind and strive hard to build your business.

Since you are an accountant, you might want to start offering your services as bookkeeper or accountant to small business around your community. There are probably a lot of small businesses around your community that needs your services so start calling on people who might be in need of accountants or bookkeepers. If you know some people who are into home based business, give them a call and ask if they need your help. You will be surprised at how many people actually need accounting and bookkeeping services.

Another way for you to advertise your services is to print some brochures of describing your work experience, the services that you are offering and your professional fees. Distribute your brochures together with your business cards to family members and friends and ask them if they know somebody who might be interested in your services. More often than not, someone in the family does know somebody who is in need of accounting services.

It may take you sometime before you can finally build a good accounting and bookkeeping business. If things are not moving as fast as you would want it to be, be patient and don’t stop trying. Sooner or later you will be able to get enough clients and generate some good income.

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