Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Making the Most of Your Marketing Network Today Without Falling For the Search Engine Myth

If you would believe the avid purveyors of Internet marketing secrets, the Rosetta stone of online business success rises and falls with the search engine ranking. Entire e-books have been written around the topic of setting up a top ranking website, keeping it up to date, and maintaining its top ranking no matter which way the market turns. Webmasters spend entire nights working around the clock on that last little tweak and will spend good money to have third parties look over their sites and nitpick it into the ground. Making the most of your marketing network today without falling for the search engine myth seems to be next to impossible – or is it?

Those how have been in the business for a while will most likely sagely nod their heads and reminisce about the times that they stayed up for a number of days in order to build a website to the specifications of the day. Yet what the savvy marketers learned, those who weathered the storms and did not quit when the going got tough but instead got going, very simply showcased that there is more to marketing than the gimmicky website and its search engine ranking. Do not misunderstand! If you have a website, and for your marketing network today you will most certainly need to have one, it should be built to reflect the tastes of those who will most likely visit it, constructed to such a degree that search engines will automatically propel it toward the tops of the rankings, and highly informative so that the consumer who is taking a look at what you have to offer will find the answer they are looking for. Yet the deeper truth the experienced network marketer will want you to know is the fact that a high ranking website alone will not make or break your business.

Making the most of your marketing network today without falling for the search engine myth requires you to take a step back and recall the lessons of old that counseled against putting all your eggs in one basket. Much like that adage, putting all your time, money and effort into a high search engine ranking will not net you the results you are looking for. Customer relationship management, off line advertising, repeat marketing, and a firm eye on the return on investment strategies you are utilizing all play an important role in your business’ ultimate success or demise.

Thus, it is not any one aspect that propels your business into success or dooms it to failure, but instead it is a careful concerted action of a plethora of methods which must create a harmony that appeals to the consumers at large. You will reach some, many in fact, with your website; yet you will also reach a large number with direct mailings; others are influenced by ads placed in the Sunday paper while still others will benefit from the sales presentations you might make at the park on Sundays. Discard any one of these marketing aspects, and you will harm your business.

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