Saturday, January 26, 2008

Making the Presentation of Your Work from Home Network Marketing Opportunity work for a Large Audience

Making the presentation of your work from home network marketing opportunity work for a large audience is always a bit of a challenge for the average network marketer. Primed by the business’ nature to focus online on the generation of leads via the Internet, the individual is quite frequently woefully untrained in addressing a room filled with potential leads. Able to compose compelling emails, draft print ads that will generate a larger than average response, and having an intricate understanding of the advantages a product offers to the user as well as the seller, this same network marketer will not have what it takes to duplicate this kind of success in front of a live audience.

Even as the reasons may vary, making the presentation of your work from home network marketing opportunity work for a large audience starts with a few well defined steps anyone can take.
* Credibility is the determining factor of any presentation both online and off line. While online you can fake the reasons for having credibility attached to you to a certain extent, off line you do not have this luxury. The only way to develop the kind of off line credibility that will make your presentation palatable to a large audience is born from authority, which comes from product and subject matter knowledge combined with personal experience. If you lack credibility and will not be able to develop it within a short period of time, off line presentations should not be the kinds of marketing tools you choose to utilize.
* Making your presentation of a work from home network marketing opportunity work also requires you to understand who your audience is and make that knowledge work for you. Thus, a presentation geared to a room full of stay-at-home moms needs to be composed differently than one that is aimed at a room full of boisterous freshmen college students.
* You must use the industry language without lapsing into jargon. While it is good to use terms like “return on investment,” simply referring to it as the ROI without any further explanation will deter you from tailoring your online presentation to an offline face to face opportunity.
* Last but not least, making the presentation of your work from home network marketing opportunity work for a large audience requires a show of confidence. Confidence, just like credibility, is something that must come from within but unlike credibility, it is not achievable with book knowledge. Instead, it is closely related to your comfort level. Granted, most anyone will be uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group, but this anxiety can be overcome by a person who is at home with the subject matter. A mistake made by many a fledgling network marketer is the scheduling of off line presentations too early on in their career as a marketer, usually before they have made some mistakes, learned from them, moved on, and became more confident in the field as a result of that very mistake made or obstacle overcome.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is There Really A Best Home Business Opportunity…Or Are They All Equal?

One of the top questions people have when looking for a home business opportunity is whether any of them are really any better than the others or are they all about the same. That question however, is not that easy to answer as there are many variables that go into what makes a home business successful. In reality, there are two types of home businesses that have to be review first and those are the legitimate ones and the ones that only out after your money.

The internet, as well as many magazine ads are fraught with offer for home business opportunities and there are a few signs that may indicate what they are offering is not always going to pass legal muster. Large upfront membership fees for which there is little to indicate what the benefits are to holding a membership. Businesses that require a business operator to pay for product in order to be eligible for commission payments on sales and a lack of personal contact information are just a few of the red flags to be cautious of in looking at a home business opportunity.

Once all the legitimate businesses have been identified, there are a couple of variable that you have direct control over. It is not secret in any type of business that the more a person puts into it, the more they can expect out of it. In other words, the harder you work, the more return you will see on your investment of either money or seat equity. The type of product and service being offered will also have a significant impact on your ability to be a success.

For example, a business selling ice cubes in the Arctic Circle may not fare as well as one selling the same ice cubes on the equator. The product being sold must have a local market and some of the best home business opportunities deal in consumable products, that is products that people will need to replenish as they are used. Selling cemetery plots for instance, may generate a few sales, but most people will have no use for more than one and expecting a long-term income may be foolhardy.

Additionally, companies that offer multiple layers of distributors a piece of the commission on any sales have to price their products high enough to keep everyone in the supply chain happy. This can be an indication the product is overpriced or of inferior quality and sales may be extremely hard to come by.

In order to judge whether a business is the best one being offered you have to consider your location, the market and repeat market for the product as well as its price. Look at the demographics to insure there are enough people that may need the product as well as the level of competition you will have in selling the product. Once you have done all the research and decided on a company and a product, it is your work ethic that will determine if it is the best home business opportunity you can find.

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