Saturday, October 14, 2006

Marketing Moves

A marketing plan is essential for a business home Internet marketing opportunity. To succeed in any business, whether a home business or not, you need a marketing plan that sets out your Internet marketing opportunity campaign. If your firm were a large corporation you’d put several hundred pages of marketing tasks together in one plan. As a small home business noting your organized Internet marketing opportunity plan will probably take fewer than ten pages. But it must be done, and early.

The simplest and easiest way to work with your marketing plan is to place the pages in a three ring binder and refer to it monthly. This lets you keep track of what you should be doing in your home business Internet marketing opportunity schedule and if you’re on schedule or not. Leave plenty of room for notes on your performance in regard to your written marketing plan.

A plan for taking advantage of the marketing opportunities for a home business should cover a one year period. A business home Internet marketing opportunity plan should not extend any further out because so many things can affect such a small business. If someone leaves the firm, if the market changes, or if customers leave or others come on board, the marketing plan must be altered. A few years down the home business road is the time to rewrite the plan to encompass the next two to five years.

A marketing plan for a home business Internet opportunity will take you at least two months to write, especially if you’re a novice at marketing plan writing.

Everyone that has a management or executive say in any aspect of the home Internet business should have an opportunity to contribute to the marketing plan. While the tendency is to hold the information in the plan close to the vest, it won’t work without asking for the guidance and input of those involved in the planning, building, marketing and growing, both Internet and otherwise, of your home business. Feedback must come from anyone involved in your Internet home business financing, manufacturing, staffing, equipping, and managing. Of course, as in many home Internet opportunity business ventures, the sole proprietor is the only administrator and as such completes the bulk of the marketing plan with some input of paid consultants.

Your marketing plan for your home Internet business must be consistent with your firm’s business plan or the opportunity for the two documents to help you succeed is lost. The business plan lays out the company vision for the next five years. The marketing plan dictates how you get to the achievement of that vision and the completion of the various goals along the way. A business plan will talk about the financing needed to start and grow the business, one of which will be the expense of advertising and marketing. The marketing plan will spell out the marketing opportunities you will take advantage of, and the cost of each, to get your home Internet business started and making a profit.


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Teasing and Testing Your Traffic

Getting visitors to come to your Internet site is the crux of the success of your home business online marketing promotion. You can build the greatest home business Internet site but if its marketing and promotion doesn’t bring users to the site it’s useless. Once those visitors are coming to your site your tracking software can let you know which pages they view and for how long and what brings them to the site and what page they are on when they exit the site. All this information helps you improve your site and the online sales process for your home business Internet marketing and promotion.

Your online marketing and promotion plan for your Internet home business should include the following goals:

* To get instant low cost traffic to your site so that these users can let you know if your Web sales copy works, if the order form is right, if the navigation is easy and if the opt-in e-mail offer is productive.
* To test whether the sales process you have set up online does the optimal job of converting your home Internet business’ Web traffic into the greatest number of sales.
* To bring the greatest number of consumers to your Web site in the least amount of time.
* And to assure that putting your Web traffic marketing and promotion campaign on autopilot successfully grows your Internet home business.

When it comes to testing your Internet site prior to home business online marketing promotion a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know how to test and what to test. The basics that you need to look at are the ordering process, the sales copy, the opt-in e-mail offer and the navigation of the site. The ordering process must be designed with the assumption that the consumer who buys from you has never done so online before. Make it so easy to navigate that the Web novice won’t give up in frustration.

When looking at the sales copy on your site you want to pay close attention to how captivating your headlines are, how clear and influential the benefits are spelled out, that the guarantee is prominent and clear and that there is a strong call to action.

The opt-in offer must be prominent and just about mouth-watering. The point of testing this is to make sure that you’re getting the contact information from that consumer. You know can lure them to your site time and time again until they say otherwise.

The most important thing to look at when testing your site’s navigation is to make sure that someone who wants to buy your product or service online can do it in two easy clicks. More than that and you start to lose the interest of this instant-gratification audience – especially if your market is under 35 years of age.


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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's Best For You

Even the best home Internet business won’t prove successful for you if you don’t have the personality to work from home. A home Internet business that combines your best skills and strongest desires and interests can be enticing and offer great flexibility and freedom. It also requires, however, a great deal of self-motivation, organization and self discipline. Generally the best former employees to succeed in the best home Internet business are those whose jobs required and allowed autonomy and who found themselves chafing at the restrictions placed on them because of their lack of authority. These employees found themselves thinking, “I can do this myself and keep the money for me.”
These folks succeed better than those whose prior jobs were micro managed and redundant.

Before you take the leap to what you think is your best home based Internet business ask yourself a few questions.

The first question is about self-discipline, organization and self motivation. The question is, “Am I going to be comfortable setting and keeping my own business schedule?” If your previous employer let you pretty much come and go as you pleased – outside sales might be a good example of this – and you succeeded under that routine – than the answer is probably yes. But if you punched a clock in, out and to lunch, you may have a more difficult adjustment. The best way to adjust to your home Internet business environment is to establish a daily routine as much as possible.

Perhaps each day you spend the first hour reading and answering your mail – electronic and otherwise, followed by an hour of prospecting for new leads. You should schedule in a couple of 15-20 minute breaks and a long break for lunch as well. The best schedule for your best home Internet business is to work the hours that your clients or potential consumers do. Of course, if your market is national or global this might be difficult. What you might do, for example, if you live on the West coast and are an early morning person is start at 6am, and give yourself a break somewhere in the middle of your work day – maybe a couple of hours at the gym or pool – and then go back to work until about 6pm, when the West Coast folks have knocked off for the night.

Can you set your own goals and be your own recognition? Make a list of what you want to achieve, small milestone by small milestone, and then check off when you’ve achieved each. Reward yourself. I just sold my first contract. I’m getting that brand new Web cam I’ve wanted for so long. If you like and thrive on recognition give yourself your own pats on the back by publishing your expertise on the Web. Offer your free expertise in the form of industry articles at no charge. Not only will it give you the limelight you crave but it will be on the best ways to help grow your home Internet business.

The last question, and perhaps the most important one, is whether you can shut that office door at night and walk away to have a life. Some entrepreneurs can’t and they burn out. We’re not suggesting this is a 40 hour job – it isn’t. At least not at the start. But taking some time to enjoy family and friends, and pursue enjoyable exercises is the best way to reward yourself for starting that best home Internet business.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting Web Words Write

Your work at home based Internet business relies heavily on your Web marketing to bring in new customers. To make this tactic work you must know how to write great sales copy for your site. Here are some ideas on just how to do that.

The first tip for keeping consumers on your site and inducing them to buy your product or service is to create headlines that get their attention. Of course, it has to be followed by material that keeps their attention, but we’ll get to that later.

Don’t be weak, but don’t be hyperbolic. If you’re weak you’re boring and not very convincing. If you use hyperbole you won’t be believed or trusted – the kiss of death for a work at home based Internet business. What we mean by weak is, “Welcome to my site. I think you’re going to like what you see here.” Well, if you’re not sure, they sure won’t be. Hyperbole is, “You’ll be glad you found the only site you’ll ever need again.” Yeah, right. Bye.

There are two things you must focus on when you create your site headlines. People want help and information, and they want it fast. Get right to the point. If you’re offering legal services for DUI citations you might start off by saying, “We can help You Save Your Job, Your License, Your Freedom and Your Reputation.” See how that works? You haven’t promised you will, because of course you can’t. But you’ve gotten right to the heart of why they are seeking you out, told them emphatically that you can help them, and did it in a dramatic and attention-getting way.

A work at home based Internet business must know its target audience and hone in on that segment of Web users. You can’t be everything to everyone, nor can your copy convincingly claim that. You must know what you are going to offer and to whom you are going to offer it and then focus your sales copy and your advertising campaign to bring those folks to your site. The best way to learn about who your audience is may have to be to get a small audience to your site and then see who they are and where they go. Your Web host can provide the details of the server logs from which you will learn which pages are the most popular, not only because they are visited most often but because users stay on them the longest. They can also tell you the days and times of day most people come to your site as well as the point at which (the page) they leave your site.

From this you’ll know your age, gender, and other demographics of your niche (if you’ve been smart and required or encouraged free registration) and what pages need rewrite and redesign to keep folks from leaving at that point.

The other important sales tactics for your work at home based Internet business are to establish business credibility with clear contact information, clear biographies of all key players in the business, and business testimonials. You want to focus not only on the features of your products and services but their benefits as well. Tell your potential customers what you can do for them. Don’t forget, as many do, to ask for that sale – over and over again.


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kudos for Kiosks

For as little as $1250 and no experience whatsoever you can start an Internet home base business opportunity. One of the biggest and most far- sighted of Internet home base business opportunity ventures, this company offers a distributorship of Internet kiosks for the public.

One noted billionaire high technology predicted that the public Internet kiosk business would replace not only pay phones but also ATMS in the coming years, as they offered messaging capability, highway mapping and ticket purchases. He predicted this Internet home base business opportunity as one that would become essential and dominant.

The Internet kiosk business can be started easily from home. All you have to do is place your kiosks in cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, bus stations, airport terminals, libraries, workforce centers and any other place you can think of where people must wait and where they need information and Web access.

The way you entice the facility’s owner or manager to let your kiosk into the location is by sharing the profits with her or him. This is an Internet home base business opportunity that pays you instantly, the minute someone logs onto your kiosk. The money goes straight into the bank account that you designate.

This is a terrific opportunity that will grow in interest because on a daily basis more and more people use the Internet and need the Internet. There are few businesses that don’t require Internet communications. Families and friends who need to stay in touch while traveling need the Internet and may not want to lug around that hefty laptop bag. They need to know what to do for fun on their travels and how to get to their next entertainment destination. The kids can play Web games while the adults shop.

This Internet home base business opportunity gets lots of assistance from the corporate owners. A step by step white paper tells you how to launch your kiosk business. You’ll learn the cost of the equipment, how to market your kiosks and their services, how to install them and how to manage your expenses and your profits.

This kiosk business is six years old and has its own kiosks in banks, physician’s waiting rooms, Laundromats, gift shops, colleges and universities, train and bus stations, hotels, resorts, coffee shops, rest areas, restaurants and hotels.

While hotels generally offer free high speed Internet access not many have any sort of hardware available. Statistics show that 80 percent of travelers have no laptops with them. Even if these hotels have a business service it’s generally a wait in line process for the one computer available. And there’s no privacy.

With your own Internet kiosk home base business opportunity you can install and then sit back and let the money roll in to your bank account. You don’t even have to cash the checks. What could be easier?


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Monday, October 09, 2006

Web Link Marketing

One of the best, and newest, home MLM business marketing tactics is called a replicating Web site. Many farsighted MLM firms offering a home business opportunity provide Internet marketing to its distributors in this brand new way. Before replicating Web sites the primary income driver for these distributors, and their primary Internet marketing tactic for their home business, were the product and compensation plans. Now, it’s the replicating Web site, which enhances the distributor’s efforts at duplication and viral marketing. With these sites, the distributor can build national or even global distributor organizations for her or his Internet home business.

The first step in creating the massive downlines by means of the replicating Web site is for the company to develop its own corporate Web site. This corporate site should include the history of the firm, information about all its products and services, the distributor compensation program, and forms for enrollment as an MLM distributor. Anyone should be able, once it’s completed, to go to this site and buy the company products and / or sign up as a distributor. No live person is needed to complete either transaction. Enrolling as a distributor in this way, however, is violating the basic principle of a multi-level marketing firm – not setting up member to member competition.

So, each home business distributor for the MLM is offered his or her own Internet marketing site. This site links directly to the corporate site. The prospective distributors are sent first to the site of the referring distributor, whose link takes the prospect to the enrollment forms. The home business distributor’s Internet site is now an MLM marketing opportunity for both product sales and growth of the distributor’s downline of additional distributors.

Once the products are purchased through the e-commerce enabled company site, or the prospect enrolls as a distributor the referring distributor is notified. In most MLMs, the distributor receives an e-mailed notification of every site visit or inquiry. Should something not result in a sale or enrollment, the referring distributor can take action, answering questions, answering objections and hopefully closing the sale.

The one disadvantage to a replicating Web site for someone who wants a home MLM business on the Internet is the marketing and content control that the corporation holds. Letting the company maintain this control, however, maintains the branding of the firm and the distributor’s affiliation with its national marketing success. It also leaves the distributor to focus on sales rather than technical oversight.

Without a business home Internet replicating site as a marketing opportunity for your MLM it’s possible to build a large organization of distributors and customers under you without leaving your home office. You don’t need to meet you’re the distributors in your downline or any of your customers. Your replicating Web site does the communicating for you.


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Help Yourself Help Others

Since there are so many thousands of entrepreneurs giving up their full time employment to explore their own Internet home based business idea, one successful Internet home based business idea may well be to help them succeed.

What we’re suggesting is starting a business support service, one that helps these netpreneurs take their Internet home based business idea and see it to fruition. You might offer services that include dictation, transcription, desktop publishing, typing or word processing, writing, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, designing spreadsheets, answering the phone, delivering or forwarding mail, packaging and shipping, database management, billing, accounts payable, bookkeeping, resume services, photocopying and faxing, notarizing, Web research, Web page design and oversight, planning events, training staff, and a myriad number of consulting services.

Secretarial services of decades past involved typing, answering the phone and taking dictation by shorthand. Today the services are far more complex. Business support services have become a top notch Internet home based business idea as the complexities and technology involved in serving these exponentially growing small businesses lead to fewer and fewer adequately trained full time employees. Small employers, especially home-based typically don’t need full time employees, nor do they want to involve themselves in the complexities of employment law and taxation regulations. Business support service is an excellent Internet home based business idea because it is much needed and in much demand by these start up business owners who are just learning their way around the proprietorship and Internet business worlds.

While typing and dictation are still important functions in the working world, other newer services have evolved as equally or probably more important services, and your idea to offer business support as an Internet home based venture should include desktop publishing, Web research and proficiency with spreadsheet software such as Excel. While you can specialize as part of your business support services the greater proficiency you have in the various office software products and equipment the better chance you have of landing new and repeat clients.

There are two important factors in getting your Internet home based business idea off the ground. The first is to prepare yourself by training in the equipment and applications you will offer. The second is to find your potential clients. Since your business idea is to support others who have their own Internet based home business idea your potential leads might be very easy to find. In fact, they may hang out at the same places you do – the community college business start up classes, the local Small Business Development Center, the Chamber of Commerce get togethers and perhaps even Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) seminars or meetings. There are many opportunities here to subtly let others know you are willing to support their new business idea’s start up and kick off your own business as well.


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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Selling on eBay: Customer Service

By Derick Yung

Customer service is important on eBay. Buyers rate their satisfaction with sellers, and your rating can make a difference on whether potential customers are willing to buy from you.

Customer service strategies on eBay start by providing an accurate product description. Displaying clear pictures and describing any imperfection shows the buyer what to expect. It's much better for customer satisfaction if the buyer receives a product in better shape than he expected than if you oversell and disappoint your customer.

Customer service strategies on eBay include acknowledgement of the winning bid and prompt shipping information. Use an automated response to let the buyer know you have received his bid. Acknowledgement payment quickly. Ship immediately, and inform the customer when the product is shipped. Customer service strategies include providing a tracking link to the product whenever possible.

Some eBay sellers offer free shipping as a customer service strategy. If you charge for shipping, don't charge much above shipping costs. Customers notice the postage cost and will likely complain if the shipping and handling is several dollars over. They understand the cost of materials, but they don't want to pay for your time to package the product.

Customer service stategies on eBay include a return policy. It is worth it to accept returns any time a customer asks. You can probably resell the item, and receiving a good rating is worth the cost and hassle.

Customer service strategies on eBay are not any different than traditional online stores. Make sure the product is as good as you say it is, don't inflate shipping and handling, ship quickly, and have a liberal return policy. This is the way to achieve high customer service ratings.

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