Saturday, November 11, 2006

Points To Know About An MLM Residual Income

Like any business, a person has to work to make money in an MLM residual
income business opportunity. Many people believe that a residual income
means they will not have to work at all. This is why many MLM businesses
fail. There are some points about MLM residual income that every person
needs to know before getting started so that they do not fail prey to

MLM’s are popular because the way they work is designed so a person can earn
money from a one time sale over and over. If a person sells to one person
and that person buys products on a monthly basis they are still earning that
residual income. MLM’s do not even require a person to recruit anyone if
they do not want and still be able to earn money. That is why they work.
That is why people are interested in them and that is why there are so many
MLM opportunities available.

The concept of an MLM is that each team member is helping the company sell
their products. The addition of allowing each member to build a team is an
additional way for the team members to build their business. It is not a
necessity, but an option. If a person only sells items they will still make
money, however, building a team will greatly increase that money. It is the
team that enables a person to make the most residual income. Selling
products is something that can only be residual if the customer buys again
and again, but with a team the person makes money off their sales, too. So,
as long as everyone is selling, everyone is making residual income.

MLM’s are not a risk free opportunity, though. They are still a business
and with any business there are risks. If a person signs up people who
decide to quit then they are back at square one and must recruit again.
Risk is always a factor in business. Also since it is a business, that also
means it needs to be run like a business. The MLM should have a senior
group of management and staff that actually runs the business. Without the
senior staff, the business could easily fold, leaving everyone out in the
cold. If a person keeps these two points in mind when choosing an MLM they
should be able to find a great company to work with.

MLM’s are not a way to get rich quick. Making good money takes time, but
the structure of the MLM has been proven to be a great way to earn a nice
residual income. Many people make their living solely form MLM’s, so it is
possible to make a lot of money. It just takes a little knowledge and a
little time to make it a success.


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Earn Residual Income Through Seven Payment Methods

If a person is going to earn residual income then one of the first things
they should understand are the payment methods used for paying a residual
income. Nobody gets into residual income opportunities that is not
interested in making money, so it is only smart for a person to understand
how they will be paid that money. There are seven ways generally used to
pay out residual income. Some ways have been very successful, but others
have not. That is why it is so important that a person has some idea about
these methods before getting started in any residual income opportunity.

In the beginning the main payment structure for residual income was a
uni-level matrix plan. This was also known as a pyramid. This method
hinged on getting people to sign up in multiple levels. The original person
would be on top of the pyramid and rely on those below them in their pyramid
to make them money. If all worked out then the person at the top would make
a great income, but this type of plan is hard to build. It relies on people
to keep recruiting and building that down line. It rarely works out because
the person at the top is usually the only one making money, which is why
newer payment methods were developed.

A forced matrix plan is the most common. Forced matrix plans also have some
other additional payment methods associated with them that makes earning
potential much greater. The basic forced matrix plan is like a uni-level
plan, but each level has a limit of people. For example, the people the
person recruits are limited to only 5. Then if they recruit more they fill
a new level. This ensures everyone is making money. Under a forced matrix
a person may also earn bonuses. There is a fast start bonus where a person
earns an incentive to get as many recruits as possible within a limited
time. They then receive a nice bonus pay out. There is also a sponsor
bonus where a person gets a little extra bonus for every person they sign
up. Matrix plans are also set up so that once a person recruits enough
people they can then leave their original sponsors team and start their own.
To prevent the original sponsor form losing out they earn a breakaway
bonus where they still get a commission from the team that became
independent. This helps everyone to work together and help each other
instead of trying to keep those underneath restrained so they can not
recruit too many people and break away.

The type of payment in a residual income opportunity can be confusing.
There is always a lot of talk about down lines and commissions. It is
really important for a person to make sure they understand the payment
method. It is the bottom line of any residual income opportunity. Many
opportunities have fallen by the wayside because they did not have a string
payment method. By making sure the payment method is understandable and
logical a person should be able to feel comfortable with their chosen


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SOHO on the Web

If you don’t have a ton of upfront money and you really want to work for yourself – no partnership, no franchising, your work from home Internet business can still thrive in many freelance ventures.

The primary advantage to a freelance work at home Internet business, as opposed to affiliation with any other person or firm is that you are your own boss. The additional advantage is that you can generally keep your costs considerably less. Speed is another important ingredient in freelance work. If you freelance, you can start your business quickly, and start making money quickly.

The first thing to do in order to start your freelance work from home Internet business is to decide on what business you will offer. You need to know your skills, your experience, your strengths and your interests. If you consider skills, experience and strength without consider interest you’ve lost the point of working for yourself. You’ll left drudgery behind and headed to more drudgery. What are you passionate about? What makes you happy?

These are the things that should be part of your work from home Internet business. Of course, it has to make marketing sense too. If you love scuba diving but your market area is the desert you might want to consider another business, market exclusively on the Internet to expand your market, or move.

The personal questions you need to ask yourself before you decide on the right work from home Internet business, or even if you’re a good candidate for a work at home Internet business, are the following:

* Am I self-motivated?
* Am I self-disciplined?
* Am I organized or can I learn organization skills?
* Can I maintain focus for an extended period of time even in the face of distractions and adversity?
* Do I have confidence in myself and my skills in the business area I have chosen?
* Will I be miserable working alone, without the camaraderie and affirmation of my work colleagues and supervisors?
* Is my skill or product marketable?
* How will my life and my family’s life be affected by my having a work from home Internet business?
* Am I financially ready for this – able to live for six months to a year before showing a profit?

If you’ve answered these questions in a positive way, a freelance work from home Internet business is probably for you. The most prominent freelance work from home Internet business ventures are jobs for: writers; editors; copywriters; designers; virtual call center reps offering inbound or outbound sales, customer service or technical support services; and computer professionals such as programmers, designers and Webmasters. Hundreds of other freelance work from home Internet business types exist, however, in dozens of varying industries. If you want to work from home at your very own Internet business an opportunity awaits you somewhere.


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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Real Home Based Internet Business

A real home based Internet business has to comply with the same legal regulations as an Internet business from any other location. Here are the basic legal issues with which a real home based Internet business owner must be familiar.

The first issue, and a real concern for any home based Internet business is the restriction based on age. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) follows the regulations spelled out in COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and requires that children under the age of 13 cannot disclose their personal information unless a parent consents to it. Children under the age of 18 cannot be allowed to view adult content on the Internet, nor can they enter into any contract.

Real time occurrences on the Web, such as chats, must be controlled by the home based Internet business owner. Bulletin boards would have the same control issues. The rules of using each should solicit and retain the consent of each online user to refrain from posting pornography, defamatory material or anything that infringes on others’ rights. Your company should also clearly state on its site that you are not liable for other users that commit to following your policies and guidelines but subsequently violating them.

To make real your ownership of all property and content on your home based business Internet site you’ll need a copyright notice on the site’s footer. The notice should have the date and your name and the statement “All rights reserved.” A real copy of your home based business Internet site should be field with the U.S. copyright office. This will effectively record ownership of the contents of the site, as well as its look and its feel.

Your site’s domain name is an important part of the branding and marketing for your Internet business. It is best to tie that domain name as closely as possible to your logo, your brand and your business name. Carefully choose a domain name that clearly conveys the products or services of your real home based Internet business. Register your domain name as a trademark and you can retain ownership should it be challenged by another business.

If your site is on the World Wide Web then you must comply with export regulations. If you sell goods over the Internet to these global consumers then you are exporting items for sale and entering into international countries. If your site is encrypted then you are exporting to other countries U.S. Department of Commerce and Defense technology. There are many U.S. federal agencies that have regulations in force for doing business with other countries, and the times and circumstances that require a firm to get an export license to send information, technology or goods abroad.

There are countries with whom business transactions are limited severely for U.S. firms. These countries are Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria and Yugoslavia. The best decision about the real problems you might encounter for your home based Internet business doing business with these countries and/ or its residents should be made with your attorney.


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

AdPaying up Now

One crucial facet of having a successful Internet home business selling a wholesale or retail product or products is e-commerce capability. While you might focus on local customers, perhaps through your local newspaper site or a pure play classified site such as Craigslist or a local auction vendor, most of those advertisers are still going to want to complete the transaction online. Your Internet business must allow them to do that.

There are a number of e-commerce vendors that can help do that, and, in fact, small and new entrepreneurs - especially those with an Internet home business - may find that the easiest way, and the most affordable way to offer the opportunity to purchase their product or products online is by advertising it through the local newspaper. There the e-commerce vendor and merchant account has already partnered with the newspaper and the advertiser / merchant can take advantage of that relationship that’s already in place simply by placing an ad with the paper.

As an example, let’s look at the Tampa Tribune. This paper’s site has partnered with the vendor AdPay, to offer e-commerce components to both private parties and companies. Internet home business entrepreneurs and others can post their ads to the Tribune’s site, upload photos of the product or products their selling along with a description and the asking price (if they wish to include it.) Users and potential buyers can view all the ads, check off the ones they want added to their list of possible buys, can ask for more information of the seller, can make an offer to buy it, or can complete a Click N Buy transaction.

Clicking on the more information / make an offer link would display the zoomed in photo of the item along with several ways to communicate with the seller, whether it’s an Internet home business, a big company, or a private party. The information options are to ask the advertiser a question by e-mail, and to do a keyword search for other products or information by this advertiser. If the seller is Joan’s Jewelry, an Internet home business, for example, keyword searching Joan’s Jewelry could bring up all the other products Joan has for sale, but could also display last week’s article about her store opening, or her jewelry blog.

Other actions available to the buyer with this e-commerce service include an opportunity to find similar listings with one click (from any advertiser on the site, whether Internet home business, large business or private individual.); to add the item to the user’s watch list; to send the ad to a friend by e-mail; and to report the ad as inappropriate.

The small Internet home business entrepreneur, depending on the particular newspaper, would pay per click, or a percentage of the sale of the ad to the paper, or may just pay a preset ad rate. Whichever way the Internet home business pays the newspaper for the opportunity to add e-commerce to her or his business, it’s nearly always considerably less costly up front and less time consuming and learning intense than trying to set up an Internet home business merchant account and e-commerce capability on its own site.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Check it Out!

A search for an Internet home business opportunity from one of the major search engines yielded 11,800,000 results. What a staggering number to wade through! The sad fact is that many of these so-called Internet home business opportunity vendors represent an opportunity for one person – themselves. While you certainly can find a legitimate and promising Internet home business opportunity on the Web, just how do you tell the wheat from the chaff? Here are the most commonly asked questions about the legitimacy of business opportunities, and their answers.

The first question, and the one you should certainly ask, is where you can obtain the company’s pre-sale document of disclosure. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that a business that offers a franchise or a business opportunity must provide prospective buyers with this document. The FTC doesn’t insist that the firms keep these documents available to the public however, so they’re not generally easy to find. 13 U.S. states do keep the franchise papers on file, while 26 states require anyone with a business opportunity to sell file its disclosure statement. These files are available to anyone who wishes to look at them if an appointment is made to review them or make copies right there at the office where they are stored. In California, the franchise documents are available online.

What potential Internet home business opportunity buyers want to know almost as often is where they can find out if complaints have been filed about the company, and the details of those complaints. They also want to know, of course, if the complaints have been resolved.

The answer, unfortunately, is there is not a good database, either through a state or federal agency, local municipality or private organization. The FTC as well as the Better Business Bureau keep track of complaints but it’s quite easy to change business names and locations once complaints stack up. The best protection is the FTC’s franchise rule that requires that firms provide potential buyers with the names, addresses and phone numbers of ten other buyers of this Internet home business opportunity. These must be the ten geographically closest to you.

It is imperative for your own investigation into the authenticity and soundness of this internet home business opportunity that you call these business people and ask them about the firm they bought. What’s important as well is that you visit each business location, even if at their home. Fraudulent business opportunity sellers can line up a number of friends and family to handle calls about their bogus business success.

Under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act any person who requests it is entitled to any information on the potential Internet home business opportunity that the FTC has on file.

Another resource is the Business Franchise Guide, found often in law libraries. This discloses the guidelines of each state and the U.S. federal government on franchisors and business opportunity vendors.


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Monday, November 06, 2006

High-Tech Prep

A large part of starting a home based Internet business is installing and maintaining the various technical pieces of equipment and software programs you’ll need to market, create, and deliver your various products or services. While this technological side of starting a home based Internet business may seem tedious, harrowing, costly and possibly even frightening at first, keep in mind that ultimately it should advance the quality of your life, make your work and even your home life more efficient and relaxed and make you money. While you won’t want to invest in your technical wish list when you first start out you do want to get quality products and the right applications and equipment to save you time and offer your clients the most professional looking marketing materials and finished products.

Another important aspect of your technical and computer purchases when you’re first starting your home based Internet business is that your PC be upgradable and have plenty of ports for add-on peripherals as you grow and want to expand your business “toys.”

As a sole proprietor starting a tiny home based Internet business you probably won’t need your own server, although as you expand that might be easier and less costly. A robust media center could let you control your home office video and audio functions as well as your home TV. You could install TiVo to digitally record the TV programs you’re missing while in your office, although many cable companies offer this service through their digital boxes. Intel has designed a PC all-in-one media center that lets you combine software and hardware in one PC setup that is very easy to use. You can not only run your home based Internet business but it can be used for starting the home videos, music or Web access.

Probably not while you are starting you home based Internet business, but once it is up and running and making a profit, you might want to add some great high-end high-tech extras to your home office as well as your home. NetgearStorage Central SC 101 connects wirelessly to your firm’s network but you’ll see it in your Windows setup as a hard drive attachment. From here you can now handle all your games, music, videos and photographs as well as your home Internet business’ records and documents. You can make these business records private so that you can share your new network device with your family without fear of a security breach. Another alternative is made by Iomega – a terabyte-sized multimedia hub.

Backup is a crucial need when you are starting a home based Internet business. You can purchase automatic back up devices or flash drives depending on the volume of your need. If your choice is for flash drives it’s best to look on the Web for discounts and buy in bulk or buy flash drives of 1 GB storage or more. If you’re working with a tower whose USB ports are on the back a flash drive hub is a handy tool. It offers four or five additional USB ports and a long cord that allows you to bring the hub and the ports within easy reach.


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