Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finding Computer Work At Home For Moms Should Be Easy

Raising children can be a job in itself, and money is usually tight for those with young children if they stay at home to take care of them. Fortunately, there are companies offering computer work at home for moms that can help.

When the child takes a nap, or goes to sleep early in the evening, the time away from the full-time job of being a mom can be utilized making money by doing some computer work. In fact, there are websites sharing ideas for mothers who want to work from home, with many ideas on how to accomplish this goal and still have the time to take care of the children in the style that you want.

Far away from the old scams of envelope stuffing or assembly work, computer work at home for moms may include things such as data entry or part-time billing work for a variety of companies. Many positions require little training beyond that of computer programs you may already be familiar with and if specialized training is needed, these sites offer the chance to get that training at little or no cost.

Some special training, however such as medical or legal transcription training, will not be available free as these programs are fairly intense and in some states a certificate may be required in order for you to perform this work. Before signing up to do this type of work, check with your state to see if there are any licensing requirements.

Depending on skills, computer work at home for moms may include freelance writing or writing for greeting card companies. If you know anything about advertising, copy writing is always needed and many companies look for freelancers to fill in during tight spots. Additionally, if your freelance work is good and respected by the company you are working with, when the children are grown and you are looking to get back in the workforce, these companies may offer you the opportunity since they are familiar with your work.

Data entry always seems to be the easiest computer work at home for moms to do as well as being advertised the most. But remember, companies who may need someone to enter names and addresses into a computer, may be reluctant to pack them off to a stranger when there are plenty of people in the same town willing to do the work. If you are looking to do this, get your name out in the public. Make local companies aware of your availability through your personal networks.

It is probably better to look for work under the notion that you are looking to keep busy, and make a little money while the children are young, rather than advertising yourself as looking for computer work at home for moms. Companies will want their work done right and on time and may not care about who does the work.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knocking On Door May Be Internet Business Opportunities

When opportunity knocks you should not be afraid to open the door and that is why the peepholes are so popular. Without being able to see what is on the other side of the door, too many times opportunities are available but they cannot be seen.

Numerous internet business opportunities present themselves every day and unless you can see the chance to become part of something special, you will constantly be on the lookout for an opportunity that have already passed you by. With every opportunity that arises, there is someone willing to take a chance. If you are not that person, then finding the right opportunity will never come your way. The internet can be an exciting place on which to do business, but many of the internet business opportunities will involve taking risk.

Many business people will tell you that success is an attitude and other will say that success is a choice. By having the right, positive attitude you can choose to make your business opportunity grow or you can choose to allow it to fail. However, the first choice you have to make is in taking advantage of the opportunity.

Not all opportunities are readily identifiable. What may seem like a fleeting thought may actually be a fledgling idea that if nurtured and thought completely through will emerge into an opportunity for growth and success. There are some online businesses offering people the chance to create their own business, following their model and business plan, which could be considered an opportunity. A lot of folks are reluctant to take them up on the opportunity to own their own business based on their unwillingness to follow someone else’s direction.

Franchises are one of the internet business opportunities that some folks shy away from because they will not have complete control over the business. However, a franchise is based on a proven method of doing business and a successful business model. Without the need to re-invent the wheel, you can have a business up and running in short order, or you can go against the grain and attempt to start over from the beginning/

When you see what may be an opportunity, you should study it and do the proper research to insure it is not one of the many scams available online. Once you have made the determination that the opportunity is genuine and you are willing to exert the energy and put in the time, then it is time to take advantage of the chance to see success.

Imagine where you would be today if the people from Microsoft, Apple or Dell Computers had missed their opportunity and failed to take the risk in starting their respective companies. Not only did their lives change based on their actions, so has the lives of everyone with a computer.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tips to Avoid Being Scammed

There are many online and work from home jobs that are available to you, no matter where you live and work in the world. However, just like with anything else online, some of them are just too good to be true. There are several things that you can do to make sure that you don’t end up beings scammed out of your hard work or money.

First of all, do your research. If you are offered a paying position or even a temporary job by someone online, do a search on their name or email address and see if anything fishy comes up. Try to deal with people who have good reputations, or at least who don’t have bad reputations. You should try to avoid people who send you emails from a free email address, unless they include a lot of business information that you can check and verify. Remember that you should always be on the look out for potential scammers, and this includes in the job market.

Try to ask as many questions of the person who is hiring you before you begin work. Make sure there is a work contract that you can sign and keep for your own records, so that you will have proof if anything goes wrong or if you do work that you aren’t paid for. The more information you are getting on the person who is offering you work, the better chance you have of staying clear of scammers, because often scammers will not give you very much information.

Another tip is to make sure that you are keeping very close records of your own work. Keep track of everything you do and how much you need to be paid for it, and be sure to keep track of when that payment has been received. If you can, try to keep records of all of the communications that you have with the people who are recruiting you to work, and make sure that they are always answering your questions.

Lastly, simply feel out a person before you take work for them. Make sure that you are able to trust this person, and that they have given you enough information so that you feel they are trustworthy. You should be able to know if you can really trust someone or not by the time you begin to work with them. The best thing to do is to avoid the places and the people who you simply don’t trust. If you don’t trust someone, you shouldn’t take work from that person. That is just a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. You shouldn’t be working for those that you do not trust, and this should go for all types of work, whether it is from home or not.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Want To Work At Home? Become Self-Employed!

If you dream of skipping the seemingly endless commute to work every day,
and you also wish you did not have to put up with your boss who would be
lost without you, then you might have what it takes to become self employed.
Consider the ultimate perk of being at home with your family during the
times they are available, such as after school and at meal time, while using
big chunks of time for your work when all have flown the nest during the day
to go to school. If all this sounds appealing, then you simply owe it to
yourself to look into the possibility of self employment. While there are
different ways to go about achieving your goal, the road to self employment
may be less traveled but it is nonetheless enticing. Yet before you bid your
boss farewell, make sure you have what it takes to turn a dream into a
profitable reality.

First and foremost, you must remember that you will no longer be able to
look to a second party to hand you a guaranteed check every other week. Will
your business permit you to continue supplying you with funds so that you
will be able to live in the style to which you are accustomed? If you are
heavily bogged down with credit cards bills, mortgage and car payments, and
if your children attend private school, you will need to make sure you have
enough money in savings to support yourself for at least year, so that you
can give yourself ample time to pursue your dream while keeping up with your

Secondly, remember that you are setting yourself up as a business. As such,
you are not only the provider of the service or products, but you yourself
are the figurehead, spokesperson, and image of the very business upon which
you are embarking. Thus, if an issue of liability arises, the customer or
client will look to you for help and – if needed – compensation. This gets
especially tricky if you decide to become a self-employed representative for
a supplement company. While these supplements may be perfectly safe in and
of themselves, in conjunction with other products they may actually be
somewhat harmful, and you will need to ascertain where your liability beings
and ends in case something goes wrong.

Legal threats of that nature may be overcome by incorporating your business,
yet in the case of medical claims you may not be able to financially survive
an adverse judgment in the favor of a client or customer. For anyone
desiring self-employment it is a good idea to invest a bit of money in one
or two hours of a small business lawyer’s time to find out exactly where you
stand. This step may save you a lot of money and grief in the long run.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Benefiting the Employer: Telecommuting

What could your employees do if they were not stuck in traffic every single
day for two or more hours? Look around you are you yourself are probably
stuck in that same workday traffic: there are plenty of executives, data
entry personnel, and others who are clogging the roads, yet is their
presence at your company really required? Sure, you need a data entry clerk,
but does she have to sit at a desk every single day to receive her work
assignments? Could they not just as easily be delivered to her? Perhaps you
could cut down the amount of time that she spends in the office while giving
her the opportunity to work at home.

If your mind is working in that general direction, then you are probably
ready to contemplate telecommuting for the people in your office. As an
employer, you know that there are numerous benefits for you. While almost
everyone thinks about the many advantages this mode of work has for the
employee, the other side is rarely considered. Here are some of the most
obvious benefits to your operation – and bottom line!

First and foremost you will be able to save on space. Space equals money,
and instead of expanding your operation every few years when new personnel
needs to be hired on to keep up with the growth of your business, you will
be able to continue leasing the same space without making costly renovations
to cram more people into the small space. Having a number of telecommuters
working for you enables you to stagger the times when they come in and thus
three to five workers can share one work station! While the initial cost of
setting up several of your qualified employees to telecommute might be
off-putting, consider the money you will save in facility related costs, and
you will break even very soon.

With the many software innovations, you will no longer have to attend long
and drawn out meetings that take time away from the many tasks you could be
performing. Instead, online meetings, conference calls, and group emails
will permit you to continue your supervision of the projects that are
outstanding while at the same time freeing up time for everyone who would
normally have to travel to meetings and take up time that could be better
spent working on a task.

These are but two of the many facets that make up the advantages
telecommuting can offer to the employers. Do not make the mistake of
dismissing the idea immediately. Sure, you will need to make sure that the
person to whom you entrust this kind of work is disciplined enough to handle
it, but once you have found them, you will be sure to reap great benefits.

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