Saturday, October 28, 2006

Top Ten Online SOHOs

Here are 10 Internet businesses you can start from home, without a lot of training and a lot of upfront cost.

The first of these 10 Internet businesses you can start from home is a bookkeeping service. This is a very popular business because people either love or hate bookkeeping and most the latter. Business managers and owners don’t usually have the time to keep their own books, and welcome someone reliable who can do it for them. Small business owners don’t need full time bookkeepers so a service that offers this on a contract basis is ideal for these folks.

To be a bookkeeping service success, you must be accurate and thorough and have spreadsheet and accounting software proficiency. Your integrity and attention to detail must be superb. If you haven’t already done any bookkeeping or accounting work you’ll just need a couple basic how-to courses at the college level to be ready to start this Internet business from home. Many community colleges offer credit or continuing education courses in the classroom or you can enroll in an online or distance learning program with many colleges and universities across the country.

If you are leaving a career behind in which you excelled and in which you still have an interest you can offer consulting services in that field and industry. Consulting is a $12 billion industry in the U.S. alone, and that number increases each year as technology allows for distance communication.

Practically anyone can do consulting work. They just need to know more about their field of specialization than the clients for whom they work. They must be dependable, personable, organized and able to convey the materials and information they are hired to convey.

There are so many consulting businesses that thrive today, many of them doing business in large part from home on the Internet. Here are the top 10 Internet consulting businesses you can start from home.

The first of these is advertising consultations. This type of consultant may work on a small business Web site, if not designing setting up its e-mail opt-in marketing campaign, writing its content, developing its downloadable and other brochures, and planning advertising strategies both online and offline.

Auditing consultancy is another of the top 10 Internet businesses you can start from home. You might be hired to audit a questionable utility bill, audit the circulation of publication, or audit any number of statistical documents for purposes of verification or decision making.

Business consultants offer so many different services and make one of the best of the 10 Internet businesses you can start from home. A business consultant, so important to start ups and small businesses whose owners can’t afford or don’t need full time managerial staff, can advise on accountants, public relations functions and professionals, can provide desktop publishing assistance, help write a business plan, help secure a start up loan and assist in the purchase and choice of business hardware and software.

The other six of the top 10 Internet businesses you can start from home include business writing and editing services, career counseling, communications services, computer consultation, executive search, and grant writing.


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Home Office Away From Home

If you have a successful home base Internet business there may come a time that you think you need to take that office elsewhere – perhaps even on a part time basis. Some people just can’t thrive at their business working from the home office. While the home base Internet business is an attractive concept to them perhaps their spouse, children or even pet don’t or won’t understand and are too disruptive to your business. Maybe you find yourself too tempted by the TV in the next room or the refrigerator close by. It’s not that you haven’t succeeded at your home base Internet business. It may just be that you’ll succeed more elsewhere, and you’ll keep peace in the home too.

Loneliness can be a factor in moving the home base Internet business from the home. While an office environment may only mean that other business people who run other entrepreneurial businesses are down the hall, you have the knowledge that you’ll run into people with some of the same business issues and conflicts at the copy machine or in the communal break room. It’s often a comforting thought. More comforting than trying to converse with your three year old about your client frustrations. This outside office environment can actually result in more productivity despite the short trip back and forth as the entrepreneur feels less needy for that two hour lunch with the business friend or associate.

As your home base Internet business grows you might grow out of home office space. That’s a common fact. You hire employees, you need more storage or PCs or other equipment. You may have clients that are local and want to stop by “your office.” Once this happens once too often and you get tired of finding excuses to meet them for coffee at the local cafĂ© you start thinking you need a “real” office.

One friend of mine moved his home base Internet business to an office location when the fax machine kept going off in the middle of the night. Phones can be disruptive at odd hours as well, as clients and business colleagues anticipate getting your voice mail, not realizing they are waking you at home.

As with any business decision – whether home base Internet business or large corporation there are cons as well as pros to this decision. The negatives are that you’ll be back to commuting, with its frustrations and time consumption. You’ll have the added expense of furnishings, leasing, utilities and insurance. Of course, if you’ve had to decline potential clients because you didn’t have the staff or time to complete their project, or your home office space didn’t allow you to house the equipment needed to adequately service them, the decision might be easy. In essence, if the profit expected from the move outweighs the cost of the move, it may be well worth your time, effort and expense to take your home base Internet business to a new location outside your home.


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your Pet Project

There are hundreds of business ventures you can start from your home Internet access. For pet lovers there are numerous ideas, with plenty of pet owner customers in every area of the globe. Here are some of the business ideas that you can start from your home Internet.

Pet photography is perhaps the best pet service and the one that is easiest to promote and complete on the Internet. People love pet pictures, perhaps more than they love the photos of themselves and their kids. If your customers have digital cameras they can email the photos to you and you can crop, enhance, frame, engrave and so forth, and send back or deliver the great finished product to them.

There are vendors who specialize in offering these services including a wide variety of products on which the photos can be displayed, such as coffee mugs, golf balls, footballs, banners, T-shirts and hockey pucks. You can subcontract these services out or make them a part of your own services by buying these items wholesale from a bulk distributor and then completing the photography work as ordered.

People who own cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish and even reptiles all love to capture their pets permanently in photos. You might even offer this as a mobile service, promoting it on the Internet. To encourage repeat business you can introduce special offers and coupons by opt-in email. You might, for instance, have a holiday special, with the pet pooch in his Santa hat, or your customer’s bunny against an Easter backdrop. Greeting cards with the family pet are popular as well. Bumper stickers might be a welcome addition.

Keep track of your customer’s and her or his family’s birthdays and anniversaries and other special occasions and send e-mail reminders, with suggestions of what might be the perfect gift for that special someone.

Pet sitting is an important service, and a business you can easily start from your home Internet. Many people abhor leaving their pets in kennels but live alone or without an extended family or friends nearby and may travel frequently on business. They may be foot loose and fancy free retirees who take off for parts unknown but can’t take the dog or cat along. Not only can you start marketing the home business from the Internet but you could also set up the scheduling from the Web as well. People could log in, tell you what pet they have, where they live and what days and hours they need your services. You could, in turn, post your fees and indicate the dates already filled or unavailable.

This might even segue into a pet photography or grooming business – or both. You might care for the family cat, give her a good grooming and then the newly beautiful feline could have her picture taken before the family returns from their outing.

As you see, there are lots of things you can do to start a business from home either on the Internet entirely, or promoted and managed from the Web.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Helping Others Helps You

Self-help is a great home Internet based business opportunity. People always want to improve themselves and their lot in life. Offering self help products that will help them to do this, especially without their having to let others know they’re working on it, and without their having to leave home to get started, offer a commonly successful home business opportunity.

Self-help products can include books, magazines, Web seminars or downloadable products such as e-books or PODS, and video or audio tapes or CDs. Whichever you choose to offer as a self-help entrepreneur, this can be a lucrative home Internet-based business opportunity.

The most popular self-help topics, and the ones most commonly successful as a home Internet based business opportunity have to do with improving one’s love life or sex life, losing weight and shaping up, and making money. There are three ways of making these self-help publications ready to sell as your home Internet based business opportunity. You can write the books yourself, you can purchase the books written by others and through a book or media wholesaler, or you can hire someone to write them for you.

If you’d prefer not having to worry about putting together the copy for the self-help books and instead concentrate on the sales end of your home Internet based business opportunity, you can turn to the many book wholesalers and buy the books in bulk at wholesale prices, or have them drop shipped from the wholesaler but branded to your business. One self-help book wholesaler, for example, offers books on making money in mail order, thinking and growing rich, improving your memory, conversation tips made easy, growing rich almost while you sleep, improving your personality, self-hypnosis, mental mastery and tips on concentration, how to write ads that work for your business, how to make money at home, 100’s of ways to make a fortune, and how to succeed in business.

While this wholesaler simply sells these books in bulk to you at a low cost so you can turn around, brand them as your own and resell them with a nice profit as your home Internet based business opportunity, the firm will also let you become a drop ship dealer. What this means is that you could, instead of selling that self-help book or books to the individual who wants to read it, you could turn around and sell it to another dealer who is selling it to a customer, taking the money from the dealer in return for which you would label the package as the dealer’s and send to the consumer from your location.

You could also find a drop ship wholesaler from whom you wouldn’t need to purchase any inventory for your home Internet based business opportunity. You simply take the book orders, pass them on to the wholesaler and that wholesaler puts your label on the box and sends the books to your customer. All you have to do for your home Internet based business opportunity to realize a profit is sell the books for more than the wholesale dealer charges you to send them to your customer, and provide the consumer contact information to the wholesaler. It’s that simple.


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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Firing Family

While you’re building a home based business you may give in to the temptation to hire a family member. This may or may not work out well. If the family member you’ve hired to help you in building a home Internet business turns out to not have the necessary skills, experience, interest, dedication or perhaps even ethics, to work for you what do you do then? How on earth do you fire a family member?

The first thing to keep in mind is that whether it’s part of building a home Internet business or a well-established multi-faceted large firm, firing a family member seldom goes anything but badly. Sometimes it even ends up in court with one family member suing another. We read about such goings on in corporations almost on a daily basis. This is something you want to avoid. You want to focus on building a home Internet business – not on getting litigious with your brother, mom, aunt, uncle or cousin.

Handling this familial firing correctly means not only keeping the family peace but keeping your home Internet business on the right track. A basic principle of hiring family members to help you in building a home Internet business is that they know right from the start that they will be held to a higher standard than any other employee. Why? Because they are family and because that familial relationship should bring with it a more personal sense of dedication and commitment to your business success. Another important factor, should you have to fire a family member, is to do it clearly and quickly. Don’t drag it out.

Make sure that the fired family member is clear about the details of the reasons, and draft a clear and consistent statement that you give to all others involved – family, employees, vendors, and other associates affected by the termination.

Building your home Internet business has to take top priority but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice family relationships to do so. You can terminate a family member without ruining the good relationships you have with your family. The best way to accomplish this is to offer at least one verbal followed by two written warnings, and then a documented written notice of termination. Prior to writing it up as a firing, however, offer the familial employee the chance to resign. You might offer a severance package that is face-savingly attractive, or perhaps let her or him continue as a contractor or supplier. Letting family members walk out your home Internet business door is about building a new bridge that will save him or her some dignity.

What you must keep in mind, if you are committed to building a home Internet business is that that business must come before that family relationship. After all, isn’t one of the primary points of your business to take care of your family?


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