Thursday, July 03, 2008

How to Gain Total Financial Freedom

The realization of the goal of financial freedom may take quite awhile. However, never give up on the idea of it.

Rather, think of it as a prize to be attained. Better yet, think of it as something you deserve.

Some simple techniques can help you as you travel the road down financial freedom. These tips include the following:

Visualization-This is a step that requires you to believe in a more secure financial future. The visualization of a more secure and solid financial future is what often separates people who never give up on life versus those who do give up.

In the worst case scenario, picturing yourself financially free is a step than can even possibly prevent you from ever having thoughts of taking your own life. (You would be surprise how many people have at least thought of ending their lives over financial matters.) Keeping a hopeful and positive attitude despite the sometimes bumpy financial journey will keep you going.

When you visualize, you are basically seeing in your mind you holding huge wads of cash in your hand, or a balance to a credit card statement marked "paid in full". It might also include images of your future dream home complete with jacuzzi, fireplace, and swimming pool.

Writing-This is a step beyond visualization. It involves writing down all your dreams regarding financial freedom out on paper. Then, it involves creating short and long terms financial goals for your self.

Budgeting-With the help of a financial advisor you can take this very important step to keep your spending in line. It will also help you open up some of your income for savings and debt repayment.

Research-Be careful what financial decisions you make. What this means is always think before you purchase, especially if you are considering a new business opportunity.

The quickest way to find your self deeper in debt is to not thoroughly research various income opportunities before putting money down on them. Researching business programs before signing on will be one of the wisest, most lucrative decisions you will ever make.

Accountability-It is important to find one or more persons to be accountable. this can be anyone that you trust that you know is reliable when it comes to dealing with money. Choose either a professional or peer who always seems to have money. This could be you some day.

Affirmation-Make sure you always tell your self great things. It will help you make it through those periods of discouragement, especially if you have made a financial mistake.

Affirming your self can also help you during times when situations happen beyond your control affect your financial situation. Affirmations include statements such as "I am able to be successful" "Financial Freedom is Possible" or "I will get out of Debt".

Your affirmations can also be more personal, to help you through times where you experience great worry or pressure. For instance, you may say to your self how wonderful and beautiful you are. You also might think to yourself "I deserve better than this"

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