Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When To Know Your Business Needs Revamping


Is your business steadily growing or is it slowly falling apart? Are profits less than
last year or the year before that? Is the market for your services still out there? Are
you not getting the business like you did before? Maybe it is time for a change or just
some revamping what you already have.

Check out the basics and see if they can be improved. Is your web site and/or brochure
colorful and interesting? Do they focus on your business and it's services? That's okay,
but does it really provide an understanding of a client's concerns or issues? Try reading
them as a future client, instead of a business owner. Would you use this business based on the brochure or website?

Another area to examine is your marketing team. Do they explain your services in depth?

Are you matching you competitors? Are they "cold" calling new prospects each month? Do they continue to follow up with them on a regular basis? Are they explaining the uniqueness of your company?

Making sure you are focusing on solving the client's issues and situations is more important, than making your company look good.

Advertising is another area to check for "staleness". Is it flashy and very loud? Is it
bland and boring? Shake it up a little bit. Client testimonies with a ring of honest,
make for good advertising. Pictures of finished projects speak volumes about your work.
Another avenue to use is having someone from your marketing or sales team present papers at various business related events. The paper doesn't have to be specifically about your company, but will get your company name out there to the public. When giving a paper, just make sure it is not loaded with facts and figures, but establish a mutual understanding of the issue.

If your business has been revamped and you are not bringing in the clientele that you were prior to the need to revamp, then maybe it's time to consider a change in the products or services that you offer. It may be beneficial to you to add a small service to your original company. This small increase maybe the key to returning the customers to your front door. It is possible that you may offer services that are time consuming, that are not necessary, and do not bring in the revenue that you want. These are services that you might consider dropping from your business.

Revamping your personal business maybe just what you need to return bring in return
customers. It may also bring the business out of the financial slump you are in. This may be your chance to feel rejuvenated and get excited about owning your own business again.

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