Saturday, October 21, 2006

Starts That Won’t Stop You

When you start a home based business on the Internet – or anywhere else for that matter – there are commonplace mistakes to avoid. Here are some of these mistakes.

The first tip on what not to do when you start a home based business on the Internet is to concentrate not only on the product or service you are delivering but the business management aspects of your business as well. If, for example, you worked for someone else as a Web site designer, did a great job of designing a number of laudable sites and so decided to go out on your own and start a home based graphic design on the Internet you must know more than how to design the sites. You must know also how to choose your business name, write the content for the site or hire someone else to do it, advertise your service, set up and manage your accounting functions, perhaps even hire employees some day.

You must know how to set up your home office and how to manage the customer service and vendor contacts including payments and complaints. None of these things have anything to do with designing a great Web site but they all are crucial to starting a home based business on the Internet.

Many people make the mistake when they start a home based business on the Internet of taking on the wrong business partner either to gain additional finances or to increase and round out the firm’s business expertise. Some of these business partners are friends, former colleagues or family members. Most of the time these partnerships crash and burn, bringing about the additional disadvantage of ruined personal relationships as well. Before bringing in a partner to help start a home based business on the Internet consider other financial resources and the use of consultants.

Sometimes starting a home based business on the Internet doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch, and sometimes it shouldn’t mean that. If you haven’t done your market research you may not realize that the market won’t support your product. The product may not be workable, may not have a large enough market, or the market might be saturated. There are times when the best start is buying into a proven franchise or buying out someone else who has made a success and for some sound reason such as retirement or illness, wants to sell their proven and lucrative firm.

Some entrepreneurs start a home based Internet business but dream small dreams. They stop at the point where they are making a decent wage instead of aiming for the entrepreneur stars.

Many start a home based Internet business by undercutting those that are already out on the Web with similar products. While that may be a sound way to start it can’t generally continue or you’ll always be fighting a battle to make a living wage and may be forced to cut quality corners, or reduce advertising and marketing tactics in order to turn some sort of meager profit. One of the best ways to compete on the Web is to offer great customer service, to go beyond anonymity to warm relationships with your customers. If you start a home based business on the Internet treating your customer as if she or he is the only one that counts, you’ll have repeat business and well on your way to netpreneurial success.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Learn to Earn

One of the major points, besides making lots of money, of having an Internet home work income business is to be in charge of your life. An Internet home work income business is about working the schedule you want to work, wearing the wardrobe you want to wear, setting up the home office you want to have, and being your own boss. While no one (or at least no one legitimate) would ever tell you that an Internet home work income business is a breeze to start and make a lot of money at, those who have been there and done that and succeeded will tell you it’s wonderfully stimulating and satisfying – no matter what the financial outcome.

Financial outcome, however, is an important factor in any business, including an Internet home work income business. Training is one of the major factors in succeeding at any business, whether online or not, home or corporate. There are some things you must know about running a business in general, and working in your business’ industry in particular, if you are to earn the income from your Internet home work business that you desire.

One organization that offers online training dubs itself a business university. While it is a multi-level marketing firm and you’ll be buying from someone who has their own Internet home work income business, it does offer substantial business help at a reasonable cost. With the help of this school you can train on your computer from home. Topics include sales, leadership, self-improvement, communication, finance and real estate, among others. The initial entry fee is a mere $2 and that gets donated to the Save the Children fund.

What you’ll get for $2 is two weeks of complete access to the school’s curriculum. If after that period you’d like to continue the cost is about $50 a month. Courses are streaming video and audio and there’s an e-mail lesson once a week and workbook that is downloadable. An audio MP3 presentation can be downloaded as well.

An achievement program is also part of the package and included in this is a daily (Monday through Friday) lesson on many business topics. You’ll also get invitations to teleseminars presented by entrepreneur and executives as well as entry into 20 archived seminars.

Free bonuses with a value exceeding $800 are part of this 14 day package. Courses include speed reading, tax reduction tips and success in Internet marketing.

If you would choose to join the multi-level marketing firm and become a distributor offering this program to others, you’ll be given a free Web site with administrative tools to keep track of those who join under you. You’ll also participate in a two week boot camp that will teach you step by step through e-mail with audio how to make the most money from your Internet home work income business.

There are several programs on the Web that offer this kind of training and some, such as this, that train you and also offer you additional income while you’re growing your own Internet home work income business.


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Monday, October 16, 2006

Multi-Media Marketing for Money

More than most other online businesses, a home based Internet marketing business requires experience and training. There are some online home businesses, such as medical transcription, data entry, word processing and virtual call centers that you can start with some very basic skills and a short bit of initial training. A home based Internet marketing business is not one of these. While it’s not essential that you have a four year degree in marketing to succeed you must have some experience in marketing yours or others firm and should have taken some classes in marketing essentials.

If you’ve been a marketing specialist for another firm or acted in a management capacity that required you to practice some marketing job tasks, then you probably have a good feel for what marketing is all about. Now you just need some classes. For that you can go online if you prefer that to classroom learning. Let’s take a look at some of the courses that will train you for a home based Internet marketing business.

One 55 hour course, for example, is $99 at one online training facility we found. Courses include tips on advertising on the Web, building the client’s marketing strategy, developing your e-business, customer service, taking online payments, starting your home based Internet marketing business, e-commerce influences and strategies, writing and designing great applications, keeping business costs to a minimum for yourself as well as your client, managing and marketing your own e-business, the ins and outs of data mining and real time, as well as planning client resources.

The four hour course about Internet advertising is the kick off course for your home based Internet marketing business training. Here you’ll get a good overview of the various advertising options for your client when he or she markets on the Internet. The course objectives are to train you to promote your clients’ business on the Web, to plan the firm’s advertising campaign, to find your own customers, to compare the pros and cons of the various forms of advertising for your clients and to learn where Internet advertising is headed.

Building marketing strategy is one of the more essential courses for your home based Internet marketing business. In this online class you’ll learn a complex overview of the various marketing tools and options for your clients’ online business as well as your own. You’ll learn about outside promotion and data mining. Specific training includes identification of effective promotion in a face to face environment and a description of the relationship between e-commerce and public relations. In the five hour course you’ll also find out what niche marketing is all about and how it can help your client and your own home based Internet marketing business.

The E-business development course gets down to the basics. You’ll learn what a virtual corporation is, what business and marketing tasks you and your clients can and should outsource, understand partnership pros and cons, and look at the problems that can occur in an online business.


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Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Charge for Net Newbies

On the Web you can find a number of free home based Internet business tips and resources, from for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and agencies and from magazines whose mission is to provide helpful business information to start up firms and others.

One such noted magazine, designed with the entrepreneur in mind, provides free home based Internet business tips about every aspect of running a firm. Here you can find articles on how to start a business, how to find the financial backing for a new company, how to market a firm, sales and advertising tips, guidance on choosing the right franchise or making the decision not to, how to assess and choose from the various business opportunity possibilities, how to run a home based business, how to make a profit running an e-business, how to manage, how to hire and fire, how to balance work and life and information on the latest and greatest business technology.

The free home based Internet business help includes an article on the ins and outs of a mother becoming a netpreneur. The free article talks about how a stay at home mom can balance the demands of young children with the completion of the home based Internet business tasks.

Another article looks at how to create an e-mail marketing campaign that will avoid the horrific charge of spamming. Finding a domain name and a site host are addressed in another free article for your home based Internet business help. You can also read about creating a Web site that is rich in meaningful content and how to keep visitors coming to your site.

Perhaps most helpful is the free home based Internet business article about what to include on your Web site. What you can also learn for free here as well are the online mistakes to avoid when building your home based Internet business site, such as focusing less on valuable content than glitzy graphics, failing to make navigation easy, making the site so large that it loads slowly, and providing essential and valuable information but making it difficult to find.

The magazine site offers a free encyclopedia of terms that you’ll need to know and understand to run your home based Internet business knowledgably and well, and a section of services and tools for the entrepreneur. Here the categories include free business coach introductions, links to home based Internet business training, free consultation on franchising, free quotes from a variety of business service vendors, a link to two major job boards to place an ad for employees, all sorts of legal forms that can be downloaded at no charge, sales and marketing tools, and resources to thousands of businesses – many home based Internet – that are for sale. From the site you can get free help creating a logo for your home based Internet business – or a press release about its launch.

Quality home based Internet business help is yours free in abundance on the Web.


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